Blended Learning course
on Measurement Uncertainty
for advanced vocational training

Aims and objectives

The project proposes to adapt and amend the existing learning materials on the topic of evaluation of measurement uncertainty to the needs and requirements of those employees in industry who are working in the area of manufacturing metrology. The project aims to impart competences in a way that is methodologically and didactically optimised for employees with a mostly vocational education.

The results of the conducted user needs analysis demand that the following aspects are addressed during the project:
  • Establishment of additional elements of face-to-face teaching, to include workshops introducing the 'Blended Learning' concept.
  • Translation of the English materials into national languages,
  • Development of new content in the light of the practicalities of industrial implementation.
Apart from this immediate output, the project aims to establish a European-wide accepted scheme for the training of metrologists on the key topic of measurement uncertainty. Furthermore this course is intended to be a first step towards a comprehensive and harmonized vocational education programme in metrology.

The project thus directly contributes to the following priorities and objectives:
  1. LEO-TraInno-7: During the project, a framework is set-up which enables a group of persons that currently are excluded from such opportunities, to participate in activities of Life Long Learning and to use new forms of education. Also, the training will be developed in such a way that enables the dovetailing of complementary training and encourages an immediate transfer of newly gained competences to practical implementation. By introducing the target group to new learning forms, their ability to participate in Life Long Learning is fostered.
  2. SpObj-b, OpObj2, OpObj3: The lack of a comprehensive, specific vocational education programme for metrologists is a severe drawback resulting in a serious demand for employees with any such qualifications. The only educational offers currently available that include the basics of manufacturing metrology are offered by interested universities and are not coordinated. By establishing the principle of integration into existing national frameworks the course contributes to the further development of vocational training in this area.
  3. SpObj-a, OpObj-6
The curriculum, materials and pedagogical guidelines defined for the introduction of participants to eLearning at the start of each course can easily be used also for other related topical areas.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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